Review: Caressed By Ice

Review: Caressed By IceCaressed By Ice (Psy-Changeling, #3) by Nalini Singh
Series: Psy-Changeling
Published by Berkley on September 4th 2007
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 388

Incredibly Angst Filled Story Where the Hero and Heroine Heal Each Other

Singh has created an incredibly detailed world involving the Psy who have excised emotion from their people and their society who rule the world of humans and changelings (animal/human shapeshifters).

THE STORY: Judd Lauren is a former Psy assassin who now lives with is family with the SnowDancer changeling wolves. He is cold and has no intention of breaking Silence to admit emotion to his life because he knows that it will turn him into an indiscriminate killer. He is working with other Psy to destabilize the governing system of the Psy. Brenna Kincaid was tortured and almost killed by a Psy serial killer. Her mind was broken and raped by the Psy and Brenna is still discovering what the effects are. The changeling wolf has been changed by her experiences and she fears what she is becoming. When she dreams of a murder that happens and she feels joy in the killing, Brenna fears that she will also become a killer like the Psy who tortured her. Neither is looking for a relationship and yet Judd and Brenna and constantly drawn to one another.

OPINION: I really enjoyed this book. Both Brenna and Judd are damaged people. While others insist that they cannot help one another, their mutual pain brings them together and gives them an understanding of what the other is dealing with. This is one of those books where the pain and emotions of the characters are put on display in such an intimate fashion that the reader goes on the emotional rollercoaster that the characters are on. The book is intense and difficult to read at points. Singh, however, shows her characters in the darkness but does not leave the reader there. The beauty of CARESSED BY ICE is the light and joy brought to the characters through their relationship. I love books that rips open emotions and then bring the characters into the beauty of love. Brenna, especially, is incredibly strong and her ability to overcome and fall in love with Judd is amazing. I especially liked in this book the alternating point of view between Brenna and Judd. Singh does a fantastic job of changing her tone to suit each character and the emotional journey of Judd was compelling as well.

WORTH MENTIONING: Fans of the virgin hero will find an interesting variation here.

FINAL DECISION: I think this is a fabulous book. It is incredibly moving and emotional and I highly recommend it.

CONNECTED BOOKS: CARESSED BY ICE is the third book in the Psy-Changeling series. The book can be read independent of others in the series although the world building that is done depends upon the overarching story being developed throughout the novel. A reader can start here, but I recommend starting at the beginning to appreciate the overarching story.

STAR RATING: I give this book 5 stars.



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