Review: One Hot December

Review: One Hot DecemberOne Hot December (Men at Work, #3) by Tiffany Reisz
Series: Men at Work #3
Published by Harlequin Blaze on November 22, 2016
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 224

FINAL DECISION: This book was enjoyable, but I wanted a little more of the “off-screen” conflict on the page. Overall, I enjoyed it, and while the beginning didn’t work as well for me, the story and characters were great in the last half.

THE STORY: Veronica “Flash” Redding is quitting her job working for Ian Asher’s family company. Six months ago, the two hooked up for one night, and Ian dumped her. Flash has decided to leave her job as a welder and lean into being an artist. Flash determines that leaving is the last part of her revenge for being dumped. Flash leaving actually benefits Ian, who couldn’t have a relationship with a woman who worked with him. Now that Flash is no longer an employee, Ian intends to win her.

OPINION: This book was mixed for me. The beginning, where the setup was done, was a bit tiresome, and I believed that I wasn’t going to like this book at first. But the story began to pick up about a quarter of the way in. This book had much more setup than the first two books in the series, as this couple had a history.

I really loved Flash. She was clearly drawn in this story, and I appreciated that she was standing up for herself and knew what she wanted. She has a complexity that I didn’t expect. Indeed, I especially loved her relationship with her neighbor and how Flash began to open up to Ian.

It took me longer to have any liking for Ian. He is pretty opaque in the beginning. But as the story progresses, his qualities are made clear, especially as he defends Flash and their relationship. I think that is why I had problems with this story in the beginning. He hides rather than openly defends as the story begins. He evolves, and I like him more as it is clear how much Flash means to him.

I also very much appreciated the positive representation of religion, especially the depiction of Hanukkah and Jewish and Catholic characters. This ends up being a great December holiday romance.

WORTH MENTIONING: This book is a category romance and thus is shorter, things happen much quicker, and a bunch of things happen “off-screen.”

CONNECTED BOOKS: ONE HOT DECEMBER is the third book in the Men at Work series. The series is only very loosely connected; thus, this book can be read as a standalone.

STAR RATING: I give this book 3.5 stars.


Review: Her Naughty Holiday

Review: Her Naughty HolidayHer Naughty Holiday (Men at Work, #2) by Tiffany Reisz
Series: Men at Work #2
Published by Harlequin Blaze on October 18, 2016
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 224

FINAL DECISION: I loved this book. Clover and Erick are so incredibly sweet together, and yet, at the same time, the book is really hot. The story merges really hot with small-town sweet so well.

THE STORY: Clover Greene is tired of her family haranguing her about her lack of a romantic partner. This year she is hosting Thanksgiving and needs a fake boyfriend to attend with her. Her teenage assistant suggests her own father, Erick Fields. There is something between Clover and Erick, although neither has acted on it. Suddenly there is much more than a charade for the benefit of Clover’s family. Erick agrees to play the role but is certain that everything between them should not be pretend.

OPINION: This book took a completely different path than I expected. There is something wonderful between Clover and Erick from the first moments they are on the page together.

This story had real depth and complexity that I didn’t expect. Clover is a woman who owns her own successful business, and while she has family problems, Erick respects her, and the two talk. The adultness of the romance here was so special as I enjoyed the two getting to know one another.

I expected more gimmicks in this story, but it felt like a book that takes the trope and makes it more real rather than bananas. This is a small-town book but updated with really hot moments between Clover and Erick. At the same time, Clover finds out things about herself in the relationship, especially that she can

There is also quite a bit of humor in this book as Clover and Erick have witty conversations and funny moments together.

WORTH MENTIONING: This is a category romance, and thus, it is shorter and much more direct than a long-form romance. Sometimes a book like this is exactly what I need. I can finish it in a few hours and the story has a great pace that keeps the pages turning.

CONNECTED BOOKS: HER NAUGHTY HOLIDAY is the second book in the Men at Work series. This book is only slightly connected with the first book in the series, as the couple there is mentioned here. This book can be read independently of that book.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4.5 stars.


Review: Her Halloween Treat

Review: Her Halloween TreatHer Halloween Treat (Men at Work, #1) by Tiffany Reisz
Series: Men at Work #1
Published by Harlequin Blaze on September 20, 2016
Genres: Contemporary

FINAL DECISION: Sexy and very hot, the romance here is really sweet, which makes an interesting contrast and definitely not what I was expecting. Very enjoyable and easy to read. I finished it quickly in a couple of hours.

THE STORY: Joey Silvia is back in Oregon after discovering that her boyfriend of two years was actually married. Joey is heartbroken and angry, and her best friend tells her to find a guy for fun to forget about the cheater. When Joey gets to her family’s cabin, she discovers Chris Steffensen at work. Chris and Joey went to high school together, and her brother’s best friend is now an incredibly hot handyman. Joey decides that the boy who gave her her first kiss is a great way to get over a broken heart. But Chris has had feelings for Joey for years and wants to be more than the rebound guy.

OPINION: This book begins with a bang in both ways. The story has great energy. What I really enjoyed about the book is how what is a sweet relationship between these two is punctuated by hot, hot scenes. The story of two people who knew one another in high school meeting again after ten years and having a hot “temporary” relationship just worked here.

The conflict here is best expressed by Joey’s brother, who gives her the advice that the good guys should not be used for rebound relationships but kept for relationships that matter. Ultimately, Chris and Joey are just so perfect together that it messes with what Joey feels she needs after her messy breakup.

I really enjoyed this book. It isn’t as deep or complex as a long romance, but this book is a great category romance. Fun and engaging, with great characters and a conflict that is resolved at the end.

WORTH MENTIONING: This is a category romance, so it is on the shorter side, and everything happens quickly.

CONNECTED BOOKS: HER HALLOWEEN TREAT is the first book in the Men at Work trilogy.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.