Review: A Notorious Countess Confesses

Review: A Notorious Countess ConfessesA Notorious Countess Confesses (Pennyroyal Green, #7) by Julie Anne Long
Series: Pennyroyal Green #7
Published by Avon on October 30, 2012
Genres: Historical
Pages: 374

A NOTORIOUS COUNTESS CONFESSES is the seventh book in the Pennyroyal Green series. It is the story of a former courtesan and the vicar. Evie Duggan has risen from poverty to being a countess. After her husband’s death, she moves to Pennyroyal Green, but finds that she cannot escape her past. She meets Adam Sylvaine, the vicar. These are interesting character and the book does a great job of exploring sin and repentance, acceptance of one’s choices even if they are frowned upon by others, and loving one’s neighbor. Evie does not regret her choices because she believes she made the best choice she could considering her circumstances. Adam comes to accept her choices as well.

I liked the main characters in this book. Evie is tough and yet has a soft heart that she has hidden. Adam learns more about love and acceptance than he could have imagined. I liked this book, however, while I completely accepted Adam’s conversion, the reaction of the others in the town was just too simplistic. I also really didn’t like Evie’s consideration of returning to her former life. I thought by that point in the story, Evie’s reaction was too cold-blooded.

These are just small complaints, however, with a book that I enjoyed overall.


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