Review: Beyond the Sunrise

Beyond the Sunrise
Beyond the Sunrise by Mary Balogh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Poignant Story of Two People Who Cannot Have a Future

THE STORY: Robert and Jeanne met at teenagers at his father’s estate. Robert is the bastard son of a marquess who is unwelcome in his father’ home. Jeanne is the daughter of a French noble. Both excluded from the activities in the house, Jeanne and Robert spend several days together talking, exploring and kissing. They fall in love but both know that it cannot be because of the difference in their stations in life. Over a decade later, the two meet again during the Pennisular Wars. Robert has made his own way in life and is a captain in the British army. Jeanne is now known as Joana and a wealthy widow. The two meet again and the forces of the battles between the English and the French put them both in jeopardy. While they both have changed, their love is as doomed now as it was when they were teenagers.

OPINION: BEYOND THE SUNRISE is deeply emotional book. Robert and Jeanne have a long road before they can find happiness and throughout their journey there is a overwhelming sense that the two have no future which adds a sense of urgency and sadness to the book. Robert and Jeanne have a sad story because it is so often limited by lies and deception. My one complaint was that Jeanne is often the author of the problems between the couple and it comes from her pride. After a while, I tired of the constant misunderstandings between the couple. I enjoyed the book because it is deeply emotional and full of angst and sadness that is ultimately uplifting.

WORTH MENTIONING: This story is told deep in the Pennisular Wars which is a critical part of the novel not just a background.

FINAL DECISION: I liked this book. The story is dark and emotional. My only complaint is that I thought that most of the problems in the book were caused by the heroine’s actions and after a while I found that a bit annoying.


STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.

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