Review: Cuff Me

Review: Cuff MeCuff Me (Temperance Falls: Selling Sin #2) by London Hale
Series: Temperance Falls #5
Published by London Hale on July 11, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica
Pages: 175

FINAL DECISION: For a story that could be angsty, this actually ended up being sweet because the relationship between Lola and Connor is so nice. Okay story, but not as compelling as it could have been.

THE STORY: Lola Perez and Connor Nash have been neighbors and friends for two years. Lola has a secret that she is keeping from Connor. She is a sex worker and worries about losing Connor’s friendship and also what Connor might do because he is a cop. When Connor saves Lola from an aggressive client, the passion between Lola and Connor finally begins to be revealed.

OPINION: This story started out well with the conflict between Lola’s job and her friendship with Connor. I think the middle when they get together is the least satisfying part of the book because there really isn’t any tension or drama to keep the story moving and the sex scenes are just okay. Then the ending of the book was also good.

I did like that the book doesn’t take the obvious tact of Lola’s profession causing problems with Connor’s work or him being judgmental. But in trying to be positive, I think the author went too sweet and normal for this one. There needed to be some plot to drive the story forward.

This one was okay but nothing special. The title “cuff me” suggested some fun that wasn’t in this one.

WORTH MENTIONING: This is a short story of about 70 pages.

CONNECTED BOOKS: CUFF ME is the fifth book in the Temperance Falls series. The books take place in the same town but are only loosely connected so this book works as a standalone.

STAR RATING: I give this book 3 stars.


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