Review: Devoted in Death

Review: Devoted in DeathDevoted in Death (In Death, #41) by J.D. Robb
Series: In Death #41
Published by Berkley on September 15th 2015
Genres: Futuristic, Mystery
Pages: 374

Good Story Which Contrasts Loving Couples

“She turned to him, her face lit like the sun, her eyes huge, full of wonder and want. ‘We killed somebody. Together.'”

“There has to be trust to work as a team.”

FINAL DECISION: The latest entry in the In Death series has an interesting premise where the murderous lovers are shown in contrast with Eve and Roarke. I found this book to be in the middle of the In Death series of books. I believe the best books connect personally with Eve. This book is more distant from Eve and her team and I think the book suffers for it.

THE STORY: It is 2061 and Lieutenant Eve Dallas is in pursuit of a team of spree killers that are traveling across the country committing murders in their wake. This pair of lovers kill together in gruesome ways. The couple has traveled to New York City. When they commit a murder in Eve’s jurisdiction, she catches their scent and uncovers their bloody wake. She has to work with her team including her husband Roarke to find these killers before their latest victims are found dead.

OPINION: The In Death series is popular because it continues to deliver its unique combination of futuristic police procedural and suspense with a wonderful romance that continues to grow and evolve.
This book is interesting because there is a direct contrast between the murderous lovers and Eve and Roarke. The underlying themes are about trust and love and what makes a relationship. Ultimately, of course, the relationship between Eve and Roarke is shown to be superior as they catch the bad guys. The complexity of how this issue is handled makes this an interesting read.

There is no mystery here. This is one of the books where the murderers are revealed immediately and thus it is the race to keep them for killing again that is the focus of the story. I don’t mind the books where the focus is not on “whodunnit” and in this book the identity of the killers being known allows the direct comparison between the different couples in the story.

Longtime readers of the series will know that things have calmed down for Eve and those she cares for in the last few books. There is more focus on the suspense stories and less on the drama of the relationships. I do miss that element of the stories, but I do like that Eve and Roarke have reached such a good place in their relationship. I also like that Eve is given some peace in her own life after having such sadness and pain. While there are 41 books in the series, the time that has passed in the story is less than 3 years. Thus, there is some relief in the happiness of the characters rather than drama.

I would rate this book in the middle of the series. I do think the best books are where Eve is personally engaged rather than professionally. This story is good, but not one of the great ones of the series.

WORTH MENTIONING: I missed Eve and Roarke in this book. They are both there, but their interaction is less than the best of the series.

CONNECTED BOOKS: DEVOTED IN DEATH Is the 41st book in the In Death series. The books have self-contained mysteries and thus can be read as standalones. The series, however, has continuing relationships between the characters. I believe these relationships are really the center of the series and thus it is better to read the series from the beginning (plus the first group of books are the absolute best).

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.


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