Review: Entwined

Review: EntwinedEntwined (The Erotic Adventures of Jane in the Jungle, #1) by Colette Gale
Published by Avid Press on January 23, 2012
Genres: Erotica, Historical
Pages: 68

FINAL DECISION: Definitely a guilty pleasure, but a fun, erotic read. Tarzan story told from Jane’s point of view with lots of sex.

THE STORY: Jane Clemons comes to the jungle with her father. This is the place where her fiance disappeared three years ago. Now Jane has come along with her fiance’s friend Kellan Darkdale but he seems to be pursuing her whether she wants him to or not. Jane also encounters a wild man who calls to her in ways she doesn’t expect.

OPINION: This story isn’t particularly deep and the relationships in it are not really romantic ones, but I do enjoy this book and the series as a whole. The story is definitely erotica with plenty of sex with various partners. In this book, Jane is a not-so-uptight Victorian woman who has a past with her fiance, but still clings to some of the strictures of the age. She is being pursued by a man who she doesn’t want and finds herself intrigued by the jungle man. This is the tamest of the books as it sets up some of the relationships and storylines in the series.

I enjoy the book which doesn’t really take itself seriously and instead it feels like a fun, entertaining read with no expectations and no serious messages.

WORTH MENTIONING: This is a serialized story meaning that these are short novellas and each ends on a cliffhanger and continues with the same characters into a new book. The story is not complete here so you have to be committed to the entire series.

CONNECTED BOOKS: ENTWINED is the first book in the Erotic Adventures of Jane in the Jungle.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.


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