Review: Forgotten Lover

Forgotten Lover
Forgotten Lover by Carole Mortimer
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Good Storyline, but Romance Feels Incomplete

“Why are you pretending you don’t know me?”

FINAL DECISION: This book has a good storyline and premise but the romance felt flat and incomplete because it was resolved too quickly and without any real emotion.

THE STORY: Velvet Dale is a model who comes to Florida to do a shoot. She is a widow with a young son. There she meets Jerard Daniels, a businessman, who is a widower with a daughter of his own. Jerard confronts Velvet with the fact that the two were lovers several years ago. Velvet does not remember Jerard because she suffered selective amnesia after the death of her husband. Now Jerard is telling Velvet that they were lovers and that she was unfaithful to her perfect fiance. And he doesn’t believe that she actually has amnesia.

OPINION: This book disappointed me because the story was progressing so well until the ending. I was engaged with the story, but the resolution came so quickly and without any real movement in the characters that it felt forced and unnatural. I realized that the problem was that there was no real depth to these characters. The best part of this book was the plot itself but the characters remained distant and unknowable. Because Velvet has amnesia, her true motivations are forever left unknown. Without the drama and emotion, this book left me feeling empty.

WORTH MENTIONING: This book was originally published in the 1980s as a category romance.


STAR RATING: I give this book 2 stars.

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