Review: Heartless

Heartless by Mary Balogh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Story of Secrets and the Pain They Cause

“He had learned neither to expect nor to give love.”

THE STORY: Lucas Kendrick is the Duke of Harndon after the deaths of both his father and older brother. Ten years ago, Lucan left England after having been betrayed, rejected, banished and shunned by his family and fiancee. He has closed himself off from love because of it. When he returns to England to accept his duty to his title, he realizes that he must marry. When he meets Lady Anna Marlowe, Lucas knows that this woman would make an appropriate wife. Anna knows that she will never marry. Her painful past gives her little hope of having a happy future. Despite all her resolve, she agrees to marry Lucas but knows that the two of them will have to keep their personal secrets.

OPINION: This book was uneven for me. I loved the progression of Lucas as he changes from a man who has cut himself off from everyone to a man who can open himself up to love again. I didn’t think that Anna’s character was as successful. After a year, it becomes more difficult to accept Anna’ silence about her secrets.

I really liked how the secrets were revealed in this novel. Even as I was annoyed by Anna’s continued silence, I appreciated the pacing of how things were slowly reveal and resolved in the story. The past is very dangerous to both of these characters.

I give this book high ratings primarily because of Lucas. His journey was compelling and I found the moment that he recognizes that he cannot hide from love to be one of the most beautiful I have read. It is a testimony to the power of others to change us.

WORTH MENTIONING: Anna’s deaf mute sister plays an important role here and is the heroine of the sequel SILENT MELODY.

FINAL DECISION: A good story with the highlight being the hero’s journey from a heartless man to one who can open himself up to love.

CONNECTED BOOKS: HEARTLESS is connected with the subsequent book SILENT MELODY.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.

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