Review: Highland Rogue

Highland Rogue
Highland Rogue by Arnette Lamb
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Funny, with a Twist on the Classic Governess Story

FINAL DECISION: A quirky old school romance with a hero with four illegitimate daughters, a heroine who is an indentured servant who lies to get a job as the governess, HIGHLAND ROGUE has a crazy plot and a super romance.

THE STORY: Juliet White, an indentured servant from Virginia comes to Scotland to find her sister’s daughter. Masquerading as a governess, Juliet enters the household of Lachlan MacKenzie, Duke of Ross who has four illegitimate daughters — one of whom might be Juliet’s niece. Juliet tries to find out Lachlan’s secrets while avoiding the randy Scotsman’s charms.

OPINION: A hero with four illegitimate children conceived at around the same time is an unlikely hero and yet Lamb makes it work. The hero is imperfect and has made serious mistakes, but the book allows the readers to see real growth in Lachlan. I also really liked Juliet who reluctantly falls for Lachlan as she discovers depths to him she did not expect and also she falls for his daughters. She is smart, clever and dedicated. There are so many characters and yet this book does a great job of giving each of them a distinct personality. I especially liked the daughters’ characters and can see why this book led to a trilogy with Lachlans’ daughters romances.

I thought this book was fun, sensual and filled with emotions and surprises. The characters are interesting and the story kept me engaged.

I only have a small complaint and that is when Juliet’s big secret is ultimately revealed, it is resolved too easily and quickly to be taken seriously as a big impediment to Lachlan and Juliet’s happiness.

WORTH MENTIONING: This book has an interesting mix of historical information one might not expect to be found together combining New World indenture and Highland history.

CONNECTED BOOKS: HIGHLAND ROGUE is the prequel to the Clan Mackenzie Trilogy which tells the stories of Lachlan’s daughters. The book is also a spinoff of THREADS OF DESTINY but you don’t need to read that book.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4.5 stars.

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