Review: Indiscreet

Review: IndiscreetIndiscreet (Horsemen Trilogy, #1) by Mary Balogh
Series: Horsemen Trilogy #1
Published by Signet on February 2nd 2016
Genres: Historical
Pages: 400

Complex, multi-faceted Characters are Classic Balogh

FINAL DECISION: Complicated, lovely with characters who have faults and yet love strongly, INDISCREET Is the story of characters who make mistakes but end up finding the happiness they don’t know that they need.

THE STORY: Rex, Viscount Rawleigh visits his twin brother and is looking for a woman to occupy his time. He sees the young widow, Catherine Winters and she seems perfect to Rex. He proceeds to make an improper proposal that Catherine rejects as she is living a virtuous life. Rex isn’t deterred, however, as he can’t seem to avoid her and his attraction to her. Catherine has her own problems because she knows she must resist Rex but she is also tempted by him.

OPINION: I love Balogh’s books. She writes complex, emotional dramas and this book is no different. These characters are complicated and are placed in a difficult situation where they make mistakes. These characters have faults, make mistakes and have to seek forgiveness. Balogh doesn’t have formula characters. Rex is self-absorbed and doesn’t consider Catherine when he makes his move on her. As a result, he ends up turning her life upside down. I loved that his recognition of his own failings comes with his regret for forcing Catherine into a situation she did not want. But Catherine is no victim of Rex. From the beginning, she has complicated feelings toward him and thus she has her own responsibility in the resulting chaos. This book has a measured and deliberate romance that Balogh does so well. By the time these characters find their happy ending, they have earned it.

WORTH MENTIONING; This book features four friends who have returned from war. It is an interesting contrast with Balogh’s own Survivors’ Club series. These returning soldiers have luckily avoided the dark scars of the Survivors’ Club members. I think these two series are nicely complementary to one another.

CONNECTED BOOKS: INDISCREET is the first book in the Horseman Trilogy.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.



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