Review: Just What I Needed

Review: Just What I NeededJust What I Needed (Stage Dive, #4.9) by Kylie Scott
Published by 1001 Dark Nights Press on 2022
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 88

FINAL DECISION: This story was okay. I liked Jude and Dean, but there really wasn’t any content to their relationship. I liked seeing the characters from the series, but I didn’t really get any sense of what brought Dean and Jude together other than attraction.

THE STORY: Jude is the nanny for David Ferris and his wife. When music producer Dean Jennings arrives to work with the band, Jude senses something between them. The Stage Dive women decide to help her catch Dean.

OPINION: I really wanted to love this novella, but I only liked it — and that was mostly from seeing my favorite characters from the series rather than the romance here. I liked both Jude and Dean, but there really isn’t much to their relationship. Perhaps they are both too nice.

The story nicely gives Dean his happy ending after being cast off in LEAD. I wanted to know more about him, but what I learned didn’t really go to his personality. Instead, I still wondered about what attracted him to his ex and what was the nature of their relationship.

I think this story needed more time because the two main characters are too nice on the surface. Perhaps learning more about what makes them who they are and what conflicts could arise in their relationship.

The story feels really abbreviated, but what is here is a nice little story.

WORTH MENTIONING: I loved seeing the Stage Dive group. The best part of these novellas is seeing them as the people around them get together.

CONNECTED BOOKS: JUST WHAT I NEEDED is book 4.9 in the Stage Dive series. This book can be read as a standalone, although there are a lot of characters from the series that you might need to know more about to enjoy here. The hero and heroine from this book have appeared in other books in the series, but you find out everything you need to know about there here.

STAR RATING: I give this book 3 stars.


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