Review: The Lady Always Wins

Review: The Lady Always WinsThe Lady Always Wins by Courtney Milan
Published by Courtney Milan on February 22nd 2013
Genres: Historical
Pages: 71

Story of Love Found,Again

THE LADY ALWAYS WINS is a short novella about Ginny Barrett and Simon Davenant. Simon and Ginny were childhood friends and sweethearts but when Simon wanted to marry her in the face of his father’s disapproval, Ginny refused. Seven years later, Ginny is a widow and Simon intends to marry her. He only has the days to convince her because he will lose everything in the days and she refuses to marry a poor man.

This is a great short story. Milan was able to give these characters life and a long story without rushing or shortchanging the romance. This story has a great plot and I liked the resolution to the romance. I liked the romance and ended up liking both characters even though I didn’t start out liking them. Great job for a short story.


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