Review: Now a Bride

Now a Bride
Now a Bride by Mary Balogh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Content is Included in THE SECRET MISTRESS

NOW A BRIDE is a collection of additional material for The Mistress Trilogy. This material is also included is the ebook version of THE SECRET MISTRESS. There is no need to purchase this separately.

I thought that the best additions were the excised materials from MORE THAN A MISTRESS. When Balogh originally wrote that book there were additional scenes once Jane and Jocelyn decided to marry. In editing it was decided to remove those scenes. I believe that these scenes add much to the love story.

There are additional new scenes written for NO MAN’S MISTRESS that mirror those from MORE THAN A MISTRESS.

Also, there is a new epilogue for the entire series that gives a glimpse of the happy couples.

I enjoyed these and for fans of the series, it is a great supplement. It is required that the main novels be read first because these are merely supplemental scenes that do not stand in their own.

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