Review: One Night for Love

Review: One Night for LoveOne Night for Love (Bedwyn Prequels #1) by Mary Balogh
Series: Bedwyn Saga #0.5
Published by Dell on August 1999
Genres: Historical
Pages: 375

Heartbreaking Story of Two People from Different Worlds

ONE NIGHT FOR LOVE is the story of Neville Wyatt, Earl of Kilbourne. Neville is marrying his cousin when a ragged woman enters the back of the church and declares herself his wife. Lily Doyle is the daughter of a commoner. Lily and Neville met when Neville was in the army. They married and the next day both are shot. Neville believes Lily dead and goes on with his life. He never tells any one about his marriage, returns to England and a year and a half later plans to marry the woman that he was expected to his whole life. Lily has returned after being held prisoner. She is illiterate, uneducated and far from being a lady. The gulf between the two seems impossible to cross. The two love one another, however, and this book is the story of how they learn to live together.

I really liked this story. The book is slow at times because it is a lush, romantic exploration of the feelings of the two. It is the story of how love alone is not enough. Lily and Neville need to deal with guilt and pain. Lily also has to change so that she can learn to live in Neville’s world. Those changes.are about discovering one’s.potential. By the time, this book ends the reunion and happy ending between the two is satisfying.



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