Review: Play of Passion

Review: Play of PassionPlay of Passion (Psy-Changeling, #9) by Nalini Singh
Series: Psy-Changeling #9
Published by Berkley on November 2nd 2010
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 356

Changeling Romance Between Two Wolves

In a series that is most often about the romances between Psy, Changelings and humans, PLAY OF PASSION is a rare story between two changelings who are members of the same pack.

THE STORY: Indigo Riviere is the most dominant female wolf in the SnowDancer pack. She is a lieutenant in the hierarchy. Drew Kincaid is the pack’s hunter meaning that he is charged with tracking down and eliminating rogue wolves in the pack. The story begins where Drew has decided to pursue Indigo who he has been interested in for years. Drew has serious challenges, however, because Drew is four years younger than Indigo and she outranks him in the pack and she worries about having a relationship with a wolf who will begin to resent her dominant status. As for the overarching story, the Psy Council has fractured and the different groups are beginning to make moves to seize power which threatens the Psy, the changelings and the humans.

OPINION: I liked the romance in this story, but the attraction of this book for me was the fact that the overarching story regarding the Psy struggle with silence is reaching a critical point. Singh does a great job of creating relationships with strong, independent women and showing relationships where they do not become weak and dependant. This book shows the struggles that women face when having a relationship. I also liked the look into a more “typical” relationship between two wolves. The books of this series usually mix and match the three groups: Psy, changeling and human. I liked getting more information about the SnowDancer wolves who have been part of the series since the beginning and yet have been the more mysterious changeling group.

WORTH MENTIONING: There is a great scene in this book where some interesting people are in the same room together for the first time. The overarching story is reaching a critical point.

FINAL DECISION: I liked this book. The romance is interesting and I liked seeing old favorite characters. I especially am interested in the overarching story which has reached a critical point.

CONNECTED BOOKS: PLAY OF PASSION is the ninth book in the Psy Changeling series. While the romance is self-contained, there is an overarching story that reaches an important point in this book. New readers may be lost because there is no recap. Instead, new readers should start with SLAVE TO SENSATION which is a great book!

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.



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