Review: Rules for Reforming a Rake

Review: Rules for Reforming a RakeRules for Reforming a Rake (Farthingale, #3) by Meara Platt
Series: Farthingale #3
on May 21st 2015
Genres: Historical
Pages: 308

FINAL DECISION: I found this book so interesting because it was a different take on a plot that I have read before.  The characters were so likeable that I was completely satisfied to sink into their world and see how their difficulties would be resolved.

THE STORY:  Daisy Farthingale is determined to find the perfect suitor in order to regain her family’s regard.  Daisy voluntarily took the blame for an attempted elopement (but it wasn’t her).  Her family no longer trusts her opinions regarding men.  Daisy’s determination is challenged when she meets Lord Gabriel Dayne, rake and wastrel extraordinaire.  Despite her best intentions, Daisy finds herself attracted to Gabriel and she just senses that he is a better man than his reputation suggests.  Gabriel is indeed a better man but purposely cultivates a terrible reputation in order to disguise his missions as a spy against the French.  Gabriel cannot risk getting close to Daisy even as he finds her irresistible.  Gabriel must stay away from Daisy for both their sake.

OPINION:  What strikes me most about Platt’s Farthingale series is how likeable the characters are.  In every book, the characters seem like they would be people that I would enjoy meeting.  I also enjoy how each Farthingale sister is so different from the others.

In this book Daisy is the middle sister who wants to make things better.  She even took the blame for her older sister’s attempted elopement.  That act by Daisy has placed her in a difficult position in her family.  Although completely innocent, she is distrusted by her family.

In fact, Daisy and Gabriel are both seem incorrectly by their family.  Both have taken on actions not their own in order to protect.  Daisy to protect her sister; Gabriel to protect his country and those he loves.  It is therefore unsurprising that each recognizes something in the other and sees something beyond reputation.  This equivalency is done with deft care and a great deal of subtlety.

The romance is so sweet and I especially enjoyed how Gabriel is given reason to hope for a future by Daisy.  He is a damages soul that is healed by the gentleness and vivacity of Daisy.  I liked Gabriel a great deal and I loved that Daisy does not give up on Gabriel despite all indications.  She wants true love and when she finds it, she becomes determined.

This is not my favorite in the series, but it is really good and I look forward to going back in time and reading about Daisy’s older sister.  (We should also learn about the attempted elopement which gets Daisy in so much trouble).

WORTH MENTIONING:  I find the fact that this book is a prequel to the other two books in the series fascinating.  The remainder of the sisters’ stories will be told in reverse order.  What I like best about it is how rather than knowing about the past and having to wonder about what happens to the characters in the future, the future instead is already known and the past has many secrets.  This is a different way of building a series and I find it intellectually interesting what techniques Platt is using.

CONNECTED BOOKS:  RULES FOR REFORMING A RAKE is the third book in the Farthingale series.  The book is actually a prequel to the first two books and thus can be read as a true standalone.

STAR RATING:  I give this book 4 stars.


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