Review: Shadow’s Claim

Review: Shadow’s ClaimShadow's Claim (Immortals After Dark, #12; The Dacians, #1) by Kresley Cole
Published by Pocket Books on November 27, 2012
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 481

Wow, Trehan is Adorable, Sexy and a Warrior

FINAL DECISION: Loved this story even if Bettina was a bit dense about her relationship with Cas. I absolutely loved Trehan who might be one of my favorite Immortal heroes.

THE STORY: The Dacians are ancient vampires who do not drink blood from the flesh. The realm is hidden from the rest of the Lore in mist but internal war and strife has diminished the five houses that make up Dacia. Trehan Daciano is known as the Prince of Shadows, he is an assassin for the Daci tasked with hunting down those who break the rules of Dacia. Trehan’s job takes him to Abaddon hunting after a demon Caspian who came to and left Dacia which is forbidden. Trehan ends up meeting Princess Bettina, a half demon/half sorceress who is a master goldsmith who creates weapons. She has been in love with Caspian for years but now she is determined to win him. Bettina has agreed to marry whatever male wins a tournament to the death. Trehan senses Bettina one night and discovers that she is his Bride. Trehan has to make a choice: his Bride or Dacia. Then he also has to win her heart.

OPINION: Oh, I adored Trehan. Brooding, a scholar, talented assassin and warrior. Smart, gentle, sweet and yet no pushover, Trehan is one of my favorite heroes from the Immortals series. He certainly has much more patience with Bettina than I would have. She spends far too long protecting her supposed love for Cas. For me, that is the negative of the book — the triangle goes on just a bit too long.

This has one of the best courtships. Trehan is so wonderful to Bettina (with a Lore twist). He is so controlled that it is especially gratifying to see him snap.

For fans of IAD there is something about Lothaire giving romantic advice which shouldn’t be missed.

WORTH MENTIONING: This book is written as the beginning of a spinoff series about the Dacians. Unfortunately, there has been little information about when or if this spinoff series is continuing. I hope it does because it is set up to be of great dramatic scope.

CONNECTED BOOKS: SHADOWS CLAIM is book 13 of the Immortals After Dark series and is a spinoff dealing with the Dacians first introduced in LOTHAIRE. This book can be read apart from the Immortals After Dark series but I recommend reading LOTHAIRE because they are connected.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.


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