Review: Shadow’s End

Shadow's End
Shadow’s End by Thea Harrison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This Book Made Me Cry for Pages

“You did not walk away from those you loved. You fought for them, always, with everything you had, even if it meant fighting the long fight, and staying the hardest, quietest, most difficult course.”

FINAL DECISION: Deeply emotional, SHADOW’S END has less of the Elder Races series humor and instead demonstrates more emotion and pain than any other book in the series. Beautiful. This book made me cry and cry and then ultimately smile with happiness.

THE STORY: Two hundred years ago, Grayden, gryphon and First Sentinel of the Wyr met and began to fall in love with Beluviel, consort to the Elven HIgh Lord. In a short time, the two found and lost one another when they ended up making a deal with the pariah Djinn Malphas. The two had to agree to forgo any potential relationship with one another. Now the deal is at a critical point and Bel and Grayden have to come together again in order to free themselves from the Djinn.

OPINION: SHADOW’S END brings together various threads in the Elder Races universe to dramatic effect. This is the saddest book in the series. Readers of the series should be prepared for the stakes in to be raised. There are casualties in the ongoing story and this book brings this home.

The love story between Graydon and Bel mirrors the intense sadness of this book. These two find one another and then almost immediately are separated. Their love story was already difficult because she was married to the Elven High Lord when they meet, but their choices are taken from them almost immediately. This leads to years of separation and loss.

“At times, he thought falling in love must be the loneliest experience in the world.”

I admit that I am a great fan of these poignant, angst filled romances. Bel and Graydon have a sweet and gentle connection. One of my favorite parts of the book is that after all the drama and angst, the book allows the reader to breathe at the end and see the aftermath of the dramatic storyline.

This one also neatly ties in lingering issues in the Elder Races universe. Claudia and Luis from NATURAL EVIL make appearances and explain some of the lingering questions from that novella. Also making significant appearances are Julian and Melly (MIDNIGHT’S KISS), Grace and Khalil (ORACLE’S MOON) and Rune and Carling (SERPENT’S KISS). Of course, Dragos, Pia and Liam also make appearances. I loved the blending of the storylines of these characters. This book feels like a progression in the story and some longstanding problems are finally resolved.

The end of this book gives readers an idea of the direction that the overarching storyline is going. I love this series and I look forward to continuing to see the characters I love and being introduced to new and interesting characters.

WORTH MENTIONING: Two words; preg. nant.

CONNECTED BOOKS: SHADOW’S END is the ninth novel in the Elder Races series. This book should be read as part of the series because it ties up threads from several other books and novellas.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4.5 stars.

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