Review: Simply Unforgettable

Simply Unforgettable
Simply Unforgettable by Mary Balogh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Didn’t Like The Secret

SIMPLY UNFORGETTABLE is the first book in the Simply Quartet that is also related to the Bedwyn series. This series is the story if four teachers at a girls school in Bath. This book is about Francis Allard, the music teacher at the school. Coming from from Christmas holidays, Francis ends up stranded with Lucius Marshall, Viscount Sinclair. The two have a wonderful two days together but there seems to be no way that a Viscount and a schoolteacher could ever have a relationship. However, the two end up encountering each other again and again.

Evaluating this book is difficult to me. I loved the beginning of this book. I also loved how Lucius could not let Francis go. However, I did not like that the conflict between the characters was based on an incident in Francis’ past that was so easily resolved once Francis told Lucius the truth. I was really annoyed and it diminished the rest of the book for me.

I can only give this one a 3.5.

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