Review: Slightly Scandalous

Review: Slightly ScandalousSlightly Scandalous (Bedwyn Saga #3) by Mary Balogh
Series: Bedwyn Saga
Published by Dell on June 3rd 2003
Genres: Historical
Pages: 374

Balogh Makes Me Like Freyja

SLIGHTLY SCANDALOUS is the third book in the Bedwyn series. It is the story of the oldest Bedwyn sister Freyja. Readers of the prequels will have encountered Freyja as woman who was in love with Kit and had expected to marry him. Freyja was particularly nasty in that book and it was hard to imagine that she could be made into a sympathetic heroine. Balogh does a great job of giving the reader an understanding of Freyja’s character. Her brashness hides a soft heart.

She meets her match in Joshua Moore, Marquees of Hallmere. Joshua is a smiling, laughing rake who challenges Freyja and encourages her free spirit. The two end up in a fake engagement. Some readers may not like this old standard, but Balogh does particularly well with them because it allows the characters enough time and togetherness to really investigate their feelings for one another.

I really enjoy these slow developing relationships. Balogh does such a great job allowing the relationship to develop slowly and the characters change and grow.

Definitely worth a read. I’d rate it 4.5 stars.


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