Review: The Arrangement

The Arrangement
The Arrangement by Mary Balogh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Love Story About Growing To Love Another

THE ARRANGEMENT is the second novel in The Survivor’s Club series. It is the story of Vincent Hunt, Viscount Darleigh, who flees his overprotective mother and sisters in order to live his own life. Vincent is blind after the war and wants to take control of his life. He meets Sophia Fry, the poor relation who is being treated badly by the family she lives with. When Sophia helps save Vincent from the attempts by her family to force him into marriage, she is cast out from the family. Vincent offers to marry her in order to satisfy both their needs. They agree to marry and stay together for a year. They do not plan on falling in love.

I really loved the love story between these two. There is no lightning strike of love. These two have a slow sweet developing love. They are both young and find a way to build a life and love together. The love story is not blazing hot and some may criticize it because it violates many of the rules of romance. The two have to learn to have a fantastic sex life. They don’t immediately click together. But I enjoyed the more realistic love story.

My only complaint is that the two are ultimately pushed together by some misunderstanding which goes against the relationship that they build through the whole story. It downgraded the rating a little but I still recommend it.

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