Review: The Proposal

The Proposal
The Proposal by Mary Balogh
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Slowly Developing Romance That Sinks Into Your Heart

THE PROPOSAL is the first book in the Survivor’s Club series. The Survivor’s Club is a group of six war survivors who recovered under the auspices of the Duke of Stanbrook who also had his life crushed by the war. THE PROPOSAL is the story of Hugo Emes who was born to a middle class family and whose father’s businesses have made him rich. Hugo joined the army and distinguished himself as a war hero. Hugo was never physically injured but was emotionally damaged by the war. Based upon his war feats, he is now Lord Trentham. He decides to marry and ends up meeting Gwendoline Grayson, Lady Muir. Gwen is not the wife Hugo is looking for. He wants a middle class wife not an aristocrat. Gwen, recovering from a difficult marriage, does not expect to marry again. Despite their different worlds the two recognize the wounds that each has and keep finding one another.

I really loved this love story. It is slow to develop, but the ultimate journey is incredibly beautiful. Hugo is a sweet man who hides his emotions. As Gwen begins to see Hugo’s depth, she falls in love with the sensitive man she uncovers. I liked how these two are cautious about committing to one another. They are very different people who come from different worlds and are wise enough to. take the time to find out if they can live together even though they love one another because love alone without commitment is not enough.

These are mature strong willed characters and I absolutely loved Hugo. The discussion of the wounds that people have both physical and emotional gives this book great depth. I also really like the relationship between the members of the Survivor’s Club. I’d rate this one a 4.5.

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