Review: Unclaimed

Review: UnclaimedUnclaimed (Turner, #2) by Courtney Milan
Series: Turner #2
Published by HQN Books on September 20th 2011
Genres: Historical
Pages: 422

Courtesan and Virgin Trope Elevated

UNCLAIMED is the second novel in the Turner series about the three Turner brothers. This book is about Mark Turner, the youngest and a virgin (but not innocent as he tells the heroine). Mark has written a book that has taken society by storm. It is a book about chastity for men. Mark’s reputation has masse other men want to ruin him. Jessica Farleigh is a courtesan who has come to seduce Mark and ruin him publicly in order to get enough money to stop being a courtesan.

I am not a fan of this troupe, but this book is much more than that basic story plot. Milan has created real, dynamic characters who experience so much pain and growth. I loved these two together especially because Milan does not allow their happy ending to come easily.

Both of these characters have reputations that do not encompass who they really are. They are more complex than the label. Mark is not a virgin because of his moralistic principles but because he doesn’t want to cause harm. Jessica is not a poor girl ruined by a man and in need of rescue. Jessica is strong but at the same time she receives from Mark’s regard an ability to make things right for herself.

I loved this book much more than I had expected. One doesn’t have to read the prior novel and novella in this series, but UNVEILED does give the reader more information and understanding of the charger of Mark and the Turner family.



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