Review: Unlocked

Unlocked by Courtney Milan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Companion Novella to the Turner series

UNLOCKED is the story of Lady Elaine Warren who is a friend of Margaret in UNVEILED, the first book in the Turner series. Elaine is trained and tormented in the ballrooms of the ton. Because of her laugh, she is known as Lady Equine. The man who have her that nickname had returned after ten years. Evan Carlton, the Earl of Westfeld is immensely sorry for his treatment of Elaine. He recognizes the hurt he has caused and wants the chance to make amends and be a better person.

I really liked the romance between Elaine and Evan. The hurt that Evan caused does not go away easily. There are no quick solutions here. Elaine does not quickly forget her torment and fall in the hero’s arms. I liked Elaine. She has a quiet strength. “You cannot break me” is how she has survived.

This novella is not dependent upon the other books in the series and can be read independently.

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