Review: Unraveled

Unraveled by Courtney Milan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Satisfying End to Turner Series

UNRAVELED is the final book in the Turner brother series. It is the story of Smite Turner, the middle brother and the one most scarred by his childhood. Smite is a magistrate when one day Miranda Darling comes to his courtroom disguised and intending to give false testimony. So starts this romance between a man who has kept himself together through riding rigid rules and a woman who has spent much of her life bending rules.

I enjoyed this story very much. Milan had done an incredible job in upending the expectations in her story. For example, when Miranda is being blackmailed by the villain, she doesn’t go of to deal with it alone but rather goes to Smite which is a sense of logic that often eludes characters in fiction.

The love story between Smite and Miranda was sweeter than I expected because Smite is as well. Miranda is sharp tongues and clever but also loving and caring and vulnerable. She is also incredible protective which makes her a good match for Smite –even if he would have disagreed with that initially.

This book can be read alone but it wraps up the entire series so well that a reader will best enjoy it by having read the output books.

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