Review: Once Upon a Dream

Review: Once Upon a DreamOnce Upon A Dream by Mary Balogh, Grace Burrowes
Series: Bedwyn Saga #6.5
on April 12th 2016
Genres: Historical
Pages: 193

ONCE UPON A DREAM consists of two separate and unconnected stories.

ANOTHER DREAM by Mary Balogh is the story of Eleanor Thompson an independent woman of almost forty. On the way to visit her sister, the Duchess of Bewcastle, she is forced to seek shelter at an inn because of the weather.  There she meets Michael Benning, Earl of Staunton and his two precocious children.  These two mature adults find sweet platonic companionship with one another but never expect to meet again.  When they do, at Eleanor’s sister’s home, they discover that Michael’s children already have plans for Eleanor to be their new mother.

This story was reserved and sweet.  It is book 6.5 in the Bedwyn series and, for me, the best part was seeing all my favorite characters from that series again.  The relationship between Eleanor and Michael was not complicated and they are rather reserved characters, but I enjoyed their romance because it wrapped up some lose ends from the series and I like that these more mature characters also get their happy ending. The children in this story are simply adorable as well.

Rating: 4 stars.

DUKE OF MY DREAMS by Grace Burrowes is the story of a banker’s daughter Anne Faraday who ends up at a house party with Elias, Duke of Sedgemere.  Sedgemere has been attracted to the prickly Anne but she has gently rebuffed him.  She knows that she is not the match for the stoic duke.  During the house party, however, with a duke determined to woo, three irrepressible children and one duck, Elias and Anne find that there is more to them than the duke and the banker’s daughter.  I really enjoyed this story especially as it kept a mystery why Anne was so determined to refuse Elias’s completely proper proposals.  Their relationship was sweet and gentle, but Anne is strong and loving.  I love how she cracks the shell of Elias.

The story is connected to “May I Have This Duke” in DANCING IN THE DUKE’S ARMS.

Rating: 4 Stars


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