Review: Vexed by a Viscount

Vexed by a Viscount
Vexed by a Viscount by Erin Knightley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sweet, Clean Novella with Gentle Drama

“Here she was, naked as the day she was born, her clothes an impossible distance away on shore, trying to do something brave and daring for once in her life and this was what happened.”

FINAL DECISION: This is my favorite novella of the series. More complex than the others, this story of a woman trapped and the man who shows her that she needs to stand up for herself is sweet but worth reading.

THE STORY: Prudence Landon has always done what was expected including agreeing to marry a man over twice her age. Before her marriage, Prudence is determined to live life by her own rules for the few weeks before her wedding. For that reason, she finds herself naked in a pond when she encounters her neighbor William, Viscount Ashby. Ashby has been betrothed since the age of seven which protects him from marriage minded misses. When he finds out Prudence’s plans, he wants to help her enjoy her rebellion.

OPINION: This tightly written, at times funny and at times incredibly sad story is the best of the series. Because of Pru’s situation, this story is more serious than the others in the series, and thus the whole situation is more dramatic and more fulfilling as a story. I thought that William was an adorable hero whose plans to help Pru with her rebellion are gentle and meaningful and incredibly romantic. I was especially pleased with how the resolution of the story happened because it gave the power to the characters and did not rely on artificial plot devices. Quite enjoyable.

WORTH MENTIONING: Readers looking for a clean romance will be pleased with this novella.

CONNECTED BOOKS: VEXED BY A VISCOUNT is the fourth novella in the All’s Fair in Love series. It can be read as a standalone.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.

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