Review: Wicked and Forever

Review: Wicked and ForeverWicked and Forever: Trees & Laila Part 2 (Wicked & Devoted, #6) by Shayla Black
Series: Wicked & Devoted #6
on April 26, 2022
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 317


FINAL DECISION: An enjoyable conclusion to Trees and Laila’s story. I thought that the conclusion of their story worked out better than I feared at times during the story. I thought that Trees was much less alpha-jerk than I worried.

THE STORY: This is the conclusion of the cliffhanger from WICKED AS SEDUCTION and begins right where that book ends. Tessa is confronted by the man who raped her for years. She decides that she will do everything to protect Trees — even surrender to the man she hates. At the same time, she must convince Trees to abandon his attempts to save her and thus make him hate her. But Trees is tasked to return Tessa and will do so no matter what.

OPINION: I enjoyed the story although it wasn’t particularly deep or thoughtful. It is an action adventure with a man who thinks he was tricked by the woman he has come to care about and a woman who is determined to protect the man despite himself. If I don’t look too deep into the story, I find it enjoyable. Indeed, I really love Trees who isn’t nearly as terrible to Laila as I feared as I read the book. At the same time, choices that Laila made at times annoyed me because I didn’t see the logic — except to ratchet up the angst and drama between Laila and Trees.

The book nicely wraps up the story of the series so far — although there will be more books in the series as the end discloses.

WORTH MENTIONING: This book did not resolve my concern about the severe sexual abuse that Laila endured in the first book. Everything was too neatly wrapped up and thus the abuse did not feel like it was addressed in any serious manner. That bothered me because it seemed more like a plot device than a serious issue.

CONNECTED BOOKS: WICKED AND FOREVER is the sixth book in the Wicked & Devoted series. It is also the second part of the duo about Trees and Laila. This book should only be read after WICKED AS SEDUCTION because this book assumes a reader has read that book. (It is unnecessary to read the other books in the series, although there is an overarching storyline that follows the series.)

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.



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