Review: Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night

Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night
Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night by Kresley Cole
My rating: 4.25 of 5 stars

Paranormal Enemies to Lovers Story

FINAL DECISION: This series is amazing. Funny and sexy and filled with adventure, this book is the story of enemies who end up falling in love with one another and overcome many obstacles of their own making.

THE STORY: Bowen Macrieve is a werewolf who has lost his mate over two hundred years ago and has lived only to try and find a way to bring her back. When he enters the legendary race to win the ability to turn back time, he is determined to win and save his mate. He encounters the mortal witch Mariketa the Awakened and is convinced that his attraction to her is caused by her magic. Mari is unable to control her magic well and doesn’t know if she has influenced Bowen’s feelings. The two are competitors and then enemies and their attraction complicates all these.

OPINION: I loved the tone and scope of this book. Bowen and Mari have some serious issues between them. This is not a sweet and gentle romance. There is serious conflict and they hurt one another — literally. Their inability to separate themselves from one another makes this story very interesting. I especially liked the idea that Bowen may have destroyed his own happiness with his lack of contemplation.

The relationship between Bowen and Mari is sexy and funny and sometimes painful. Mari is barely coming into her immortality and as such is going through personal changes discovering who she is. Bowen is having centuries of belief challenged by the young witch. This book is all about growth and change.

WORTH MENTIONING: This book overlaps the events in the previous book NO REST FOR THE WICKED.
CONNECTED BOOKS: WICKED DEEDS ON A WINTER’S NIGHT is the fourth book in the Immortals After Dark series. It can be read as a standalone although the books are interconnected and are better read in order.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4.25 stars.

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