Review: Dragon Reunion

Review: Dragon ReunionDragon Reunion (Dragon Hearts 8) by Carole Mortimer
Series: Dragon Hearts #8
Published by Carole Mortimer on 1st November 2019
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 110

FINAL DECISION: Enjoyable little story that gives a view of everyone’s happy ending with a new story about a familiar stranger that comes to the Pendragon home. Insta-love with almost no character development, but I liked it anyway.

THE STORY: Maddox Wilder unexpectedly ends up in Wales and is drawn to the Pendragon Castle where he meets a strange family and a young woman, Carys Evans. There is something very familiar about the Pendragon brothers, but Maddox and Carys are intensely attracted to one another. Maddox has secrets and maybe some things to learn about himself.

OPINION: This was a fun story. The setup is pretty predictable for those who have read the series. Man sees woman and instant attraction between them ends up with them as mates.

The nice thing about this one is that there is a stranger who arrives at the family castle. I thought this story worked better as an organizing device than others in the series.

There isn’t much to the story between Maddox and Carys as their attraction and “love” is instantaneous. Rather, this is a story hanging on who Maddox actually is.

A simple and non-complex story, but I found it enjoyable for an easy read.

WORTH MENTIONING: This is a nice little story to close out the series. We get to see all the couples and get some update on them as part of the story.

CONNECTED BOOKS: DRAGON REUNION is the eighth and final book in the Dragon Hearts series. It’s better to read this book as part of the series because there are lots of characters and situations that only make sense if the other books are read.

STAR RATING: I give this book 3.5 stars.


Review: Aeran & Rhys

Review: Aeran & RhysAeran & Rhys (Dragon Hearts 7) by Carole Mortimer
Series: Dragon Hearts #7
Published by Carole Mortimer on November 9, 2018
Genres: Paranormal

FINAL DECISION: A good ending to the series. Because of the menage story, this romance ended up having some different twists which made it different. I was disappointed that the story didn’t have a concluding chapter wrapping up all the couples.

THE STORY: Dragons don’t share their mates. Aeran and Rhys are two brothers who are so different. One has totally adapted to the twenty-first century and one is closer to his ancient warrior roots. Things go haywire when Aeran and Rhys meet Cristina. Connected with the man who attempted to kill their brother’s mate, Aeran and Rhys find Cristina troublesome and exactly what the two dragon shifters want. The question is whether the two brothers can resolve their desires to each possess their mate.

OPINION: I really enjoyed the conflict in this book as the two brothers have to readjust their visions of their future when they have the same mate. The adapting that Aeran and Rhys have to do was the best part of this book because the challenge is more complicated. These two are brothers but they don’t necessarily mesh well together. Now they have to find a way to love the same woman.  Cristina is a good counterbalance to these two.

This is a crazy and fun read. Nothing big and complicated, but an enjoyable diversion.

WORTH MENTIONING: This book has a menage relationship with two men and a woman.

CONNECTED BOOKS: AERAN & RHYS is the seventh and final book in the Dragon Hearts series about a group of dragon-shifter brothers who find their fated mates. The romance here is self-contained and thus can be read as a standalone, but the book assumes knowledge about the prior events and thus is better read after the others in the series.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.


Review: Garrett

Review: GarrettGarrett (Dragon Hearts #6) by Carole Mortimer
Series: Dragon Hearts #6
Published by Carole Mortimer on August 17, 2018
Genres: Paranormal

FINAL DECISION: I enjoyed this one because Garrett was so focused on Billie as a person. The story is fun and like popcorn, but it kept my attention and advanced the story.

THE STORY: Garrett Pendragon is seen as the easy going dragon brother, but that hides a dominant man who will not allow the woman destined to be his mate to suffer for plotting to a woman — even if it was his brother’s mate. Billie Rider has a lot of secrets and when a dragon comes to rescue her, she can’t believe her eyes. And finding out that he intends to keep his fated mate is something that she cannot allow.

OPINION: This series is not particularly deep and the story from book to book follows essentially the exact same formula, but I enjoyed the characters in this book. There was a little more interaction before the inevitable insta-love, but that time was enjoyable.

This book isn’t a book that I would re-read, but I enjoyed the journey and it was worth my time. Garrett and Billie are an interesting couple and their interactions are fun. (Not fun in a lighthearted way, but fun in the I enjoyed the couple as they bantered and discussed and fought).

WORTH MENTIONING: We get some views of prior couples and a peak at what might be happening in the next book.

CONNECTED BOOKS: GARRETT is the sixth book in the Dragon Hearts series. This book is better read as part of the series although the romance is self-contained.

STAR RATING: I give this book 3.5 stars.


Review: Grigor

Review: GrigorGrigor (Dragon Hearts #5) by Carole Mortimer
Series: Dragon Hearts #5
Published by Carole Mortimer on May 25, 2018
Genres: Paranormal

FINAL DECISION: Fun and fast read. Nothing deep here, but I loved the sexy dragons and the trouble that the stuffiest one of them gets with the independent and original woman who is destined to be his mate. Like eating cotton candy.

THE STORY: Grigor Pendragon is close to turning into a feral dragon who will have to be killed by his brothers when he scents his mate. But the woman he finds is nothing like the sophisticated woman he expected to find as his mate. Instead, Grigor finds Gayle Wilson, computer geek, mouthy and independent. Gayle is being kept a virtual prisoner in the castle as a way of her sister and her dragon mate to protect Gayle. But Gayle doesn’t want to be protected, but when she is threatened, she might have no choice but to turn to Grigor even though she doesn’t believe the crazy man who believes he is a dragon shifter and she is his mate.

OPINION: Enjoyable fun read. The opposites attract story between Grigor and Gayle with the banter and arguments between them was what I really enjoyed. The story is pretty standard and for those who have read the rest of the series, follows the template of the others. The amusing pairing of these two, however, was something that I particularly enjoyed.

The series has gotten better in the last couple of books. While the stories are formulaic, they are something that I enjoyed as light reading. The humor and heat in the stories make these a nice diversion. Two people who wouldn’t otherwise pick one another are stuck and have to find a way to deal with one another and even come to like and eventually love each other.

WORTH MENTIONING: We get an update on Dylan and Holly from the previous book.

CONNECTED BOOKS: GRIGOR is the fifth book in the Dragon Hearts series. The romance is a standalone although the characters appear in prior books.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.



Review: Dylan

Review: DylanDylan (Dragon Hearts #4) by Carole Mortimer
Series: Dragon Hearts #4
Published by Carole Mortimer on March 16, 2018
Genres: Paranormal

FINAL DECISION: This was a light and fun story. There is nothing deep or thought provoking here, but I enjoyed the diversion of the story. Dylan and Holly have an amusing relationship that I enjoyed in this short read.

THE STORY: Dylan, one of the Pendragon brothers, awakens in a hospital and finds this elusive mate in Doctor Holly Barnes. But Dylan needs to find out why he blacked out and ended up in the hospital and thus isn’t ready to claim his mate. But when Holly seeks Dylan out, he finds himself having to deal with a human woman who is pretty sure Dylan’s stories of dragon shifters and King Arthur means the sexy man is crazy. But Holly needs Dylan’s help and Dylan is determined to keep his mate by his side.

OPINION: This series has a definite formula but the characters and the situation can make the books fun. I can enjoy a book for what it is and not every book has to be an intense emotional journey. This book was fun and I liked the characters and how they deal with the situation.

The book was a quick and easy read (but I have to admit I like these books much better if I don’t read them one after another because the similarities are too glaring).

It was nice seeing the characters from previous books. My real disappointment is that we didn’t get more with the dragon.

WORTH MENTIONING: We get an appearance from two characters from another series which was fun.

CONNECTED BOOKS: DYLAN is the fourth book in the Dragon Hearts series. The romance in this book is separate from others in the series, but the characters overlap.

STAR RATING: I give this book 3.5 stars.


Review: Bryn

Review: BrynBryn (Dragon Hearts #3) by Carole Mortimer
Series: Dragon Hearts #3
Published by Carole Mortimer on December 22nd 2017
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 205

FINAL DECISION: Enjoyable simple book that is an easy read with an uncomplicated plot, fun characters. A book that doesn’t take much mind energy but can be used to pass the time.

THE STORY: Bryn Pendragon reluctantly agrees to pose as the boyfriend of, and secretly serve as the bodyguard of, his future sister-in-law’s best friend Tegan. Tegan has a creepy secret admirer who she believes is an ex. What Tegan doesn’t know is that Bryn is a shapeshifting dragon and when he first sees her, he realizes she is his fated mate. The one he is determined never to claim.

OPINION: This book typifies what I might call a one off read. A book that is enjoyable for what it is — a simple book with a fun storyline that doesn’t really stand up over time, but makes for a fun couple of hours.

I enjoyed this book about Bryn and Tegan although it pretty much follows the exact storyline of the prior two books in the series. The highlight of the story was the characters which don’t really have much depth but nonetheless are an interesting match. I enjoyed seeing how these two manage the same ground that the other characters have traveled. Bryn is a real sweetheart even if he is gruff and solitary.

These books are superficial, but sometimes that is exactly what i want to read…something that I can enjoy without being dragged too deeply into an emotional storyline.

WORTH MENTIONING: The eldest dragon brother appears to be up next.

CONNECTED BOOKS: BRYN is the third book in the Dragon Hearts series. This book can be read as a standalone although it doesn’t clearly set up the world and history of the dragon brothers as well as reading the books in order will.

STAR RATING: I give this book 3 stars.


Review: Deryk

Review: DerykDeryk (Dragon Hearts #2) by Carole Mortimer
Series: Dragon Hearts #2
Published by Carole Mortimer on September 29th 2017
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 185

FINAL DECISION: Enjoyable continuation of Mortimer’s series about men who turn into dragons searching for their mates. Not a deep story, but fun.

THE STORY: Deryk Pendragon is the closest of the brothers of being in danger of “going dragon” and having to be executed unless he finds his mate. Now that one of his brothers has found his mate, Deryk is determined to find his own. Traveling to Russia to visit with another dragon family, Deryk immediately senses his own mate. Determined to claim her immediately, Deryk has no patience for Izabella Mikhailova wanting a normal life — or really just not wanting to be his mate.

OPINION: I enjoyed this book although it wasn’t particularly deep. There is instant lust because of the “mating” aspect to the story. I don’t mind that because I knew what I was getting. I really did like that each brother’s story is a little different as they have their own problems and hang ups. I had hoped that we would delve a little more into Deryk being close to losing control of his dragon, but that storyline seemed to be resolved very quickly. This book is a little fun and I like how Izabella quickly takes control of the domineering Deryk.

WORTH MENTIONING: We get to see a little more of Bryn who is next up in the series.

CONNECTED BOOKS: DERYK is the second book in the Dragon Hearts series. This book doesn’t require reading the first book, but that book sets up the storyline for the whole series.

STAR RATING: I give this book 3.5 stars.


Review: Nathaniel

Review: NathanielNathaniel (Dragon Hearts #1) by Carole Mortimer
Published by Carole Mortimer on July 28th 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal

FINAL DECISION: A fun and very hot short novella about a dragon shifter and the woman who might be his mate.

THE STORY:  On a trip to Wales, journalist Chloe Evans discovers a mysterious castle that she suspects is a hub for illegal activities. Determined to investigate, Chloe ends up meeting Nathaniel who is an alpha alpha and who tempts Chloe in ways she never expected. The mystery of Pendragon castle involves centuries of secrets and, as one might expect from the title of the series, dragons.

OPINION: I enjoyed this novella which sets up the series which will be about a bunch of alpha dragon male shifters trying to find their mates before they become feral dragons.

This is a quick and dirty story meaning that there isn’t a tremendous amount of depth to these characters. Lots of insta-love/lust and not a lot of world building for the paranormal genre. That being said, I really liked the characters which are quirky and fun and I especially liked Chloe who is a smart mouthed woman who gives her alpha more grief that respect.

There is a lot to cover in this story as it sets up the mythology of the series, introduces a number of characters, reveals some of the past of the “brothers” and also has to squeeze a romance in for good measure.

A lingering, well constructed paranormal this isn’t, but an enjoyable short novella for those who would like a taste of the paranormal fantasy world without pages of mythology this is a good fun read.

WORTH MENTIONING: This is a rawer, sexier book than many of Mortimer’s books.

CONNECTED BOOKS:  NATHANIEL is the first book in the Dragon Hearts series.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.