Review: Lady Be Wilde

Genres: Historical

FINAL DECISION: Delightful short novella about two people finding love after loss and disappointment in prior marriages. I loved the extension of the Wilde family universe, giving a happy ending to these secondary characters.

THE STORY: Lady Madeline Penshallow takes her son’s illegitimate child as her own and immediately is a widow.¬†Lord Gilbert Godfrey Manfield is the cousin of the Duke of Lindow. The two meet at a Wilde family event, and there is an attraction, but Madeline is recovering from a horrible marriage, and Gil is recovering from losing two wives. Both are determined never to marry again, but when Madeline is threatened, Gil is determined to protect her.

OPINION: This is a very enjoyable short story/novella where two people who have been disappointed by life find something special together. The story is very sweet, and I love the relationship that develops between Gil, Madeline, and her daughter. The story has the same humor and passion that is evident in all the books in the series. It just made me smile.

WORTH MENTIONING: This is a short novella that Eloisa James is expanding to a longer novella. My review may be revised after that book is published.

CONNECTED BOOKS: LADY BE WILDE¬† is book 0.55 of the Wildes of Lindow series. This novella directly from MY LAST DUCHESS and is indeed a sequel that resolves Madeline’s story in MY LAST DUCHESS. While it is not necessary to read MY LAST DUCHESS to enjoy this story, reading it will give a fuller picture of Madeline’s story.

STAR RATING: I give this book four stars.


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