Review: Loving the Secret Billionaire

Review: Loving the Secret BillionaireLoving the Secret Billionaire (Love at Last Book 1) by Adriana Anders
Series: Love at Last #1
on April 19, 2018
Genres: Contemporary

FINAL DECISION: Disappointing and banal after a great description of what the setup for the story is.

THE STORY: Veronica Cruz is a teacher turned political candidate when she wants to be active in her community. A big underdog, Veronica is out campaigning door to door when she arrives at a house with a mysterious occupant. Zach is a reclusive man. Blind, Zach lives in his own world. But Veronica touches something in him and begins to bring him out. But Zach has lots of secrets including why he has secluded himself.

OPINION: This novella was disappointing on just about every level. The connection between the hero and heroine was boring and didn’t interest me at all. The reasons for Zach being secluded were not persuasive. After we learn the lengths that Zach would go to help Veronica’s candidacy and which she found objectionable, she was still willing to continue on. A person so concerned with the morality as her would have withdrawn herself. Instead, she basically benefits from what he did and allows herself to claim she is not tainted by what he did — but she clearly did benefit. Then she completely forgives him in the end. And he escapes all punishment for his actions. And did I mention that there basically was not connection between the characters.

I read this novella because it came highly recommended on by an author that I love. Just goes to show me that just because I love an author doesn’t mean we have the same tastes in books.

WORTH MENTIONING: Hero is a virgin.

CONNECTED BOOKS: LOVING THE SECRET BILLIONAIRE is the first book in the Love at Last series.

STAR RATING: I give this book 1.5 stars.